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ankur : (Mar 27, 2015 6:50 PM)

Hello sir. My name is Ankur wani. My age is 24.Currently i am doing MBA from mumbai.Actually,joining B-school after 6 months, I came across a girl who was from the my college.Even she is dojng MBA.we became friends.We started working together on off-summer projects.We started spending time together.Honestly sir,her attitude and my attitude,nature was very similar.She is emotional and me too.We used to meet dialy in break.I don't know but slowly ,i started getting involve in her .I started showing my feelings towards her.She told me that nothing gonna happen between us and she stopped talking to me.1 week we were not talking to each other. i met her personally ,apologise but still i tried my best to win her heart.She was facing problems with summer's internship i brought a good job for her.She used to be sad,i used to support her a lot.I used to motivate her .But finally,she told me that she love someone else who is our same college.He loves her too.But they haven't been in relationship at all.But she loves him too.When he gets upset with her ,she used to get upset,but still i supported her a lot.I tried my best to express her that i love her a lot.Even,now-a-days she ignores me,avoid me refuse to meet me,i am keeping my self-respect aside and trying to be with her.Actually,the boy to whom she loves had some fight with her,he doesn't talk to her.She told me that she loves him a lot. Really sir, i lost my self-respect .I had feelings for her. Her behaviour is like now she wants only him.She don't want me anymore ,not even as a friend.I am completely broken sir.I can't get over her ,I can't . Everyday ,i cry.She doesn't bother about me,nor even care .She doesn't have that feelings about me at all.I am in shock. I know sir,you are quite busy with load of messages.But please sir,do reply me with solution. (please don't reveal my name to anyone if its going to be common discussion)


cartoonist : (Mar 13, 2015 8:04 PM)

Hello, Love Guru.


minal : (Mar 4, 2015 12:49 AM)

hey loveguru... i was very big fan of u when i was in bangalore. now i have to moved to US. i miss ur show very badly.. i wanna listen ur show online. any link to listen online :-( i wanna know about the show timing aswell plz


Sindhu : (Mar 4, 2015 12:31 AM)

Hai love guru I'm your bigggg fan n I respect u lot I badly want to talk to you I'm in my life turning point bt not able to move on I'm fully confused need your reply as soon as possible plzzzzzzz


Susie : (Feb 10, 2015 11:57 PM)

Hey love guru. Plz read my msg n reply me.itz very urgent. I m in relationship wit my guy for 7 years n very recently v broke up for 4 months n fault lies in me as I m very arrogant and get very angry for everythin in our relationship!! But he really missed me n came back to me.. Things were fine between us for 6 months..but he was really pissed off wit his life as he don't have peacefull environment at home n was lookin for job from very long time.. Now v had a small fight but it turned big as his parents heard our fight but v were fightin over the phone. Now his he parents r tryin to brainwash him. he again called for break up.. He feels I won change by controlling anger and my attitude towards him. I love him too the core!! My parents r lookin for a guy for me n my guy s not wit me.. Plz suggest me how to get my guy back and how to stop my parents from searchin a guy for me!! I really can't tell u the whole story but my story s really complicated!! Plz contact me.. I really need ur help..



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