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Susie : (Feb 10, 2015 11:57 PM)

Hey love guru. Plz read my msg n reply me.itz very urgent. I m in relationship wit my guy for 7 years n very recently v broke up for 4 months n fault lies in me as I m very arrogant and get very angry for everythin in our relationship!! But he really missed me n came back to me.. Things were fine between us for 6 months..but he was really pissed off wit his life as he don't have peacefull environment at home n was lookin for job from very long time.. Now v had a small fight but it turned big as his parents heard our fight but v were fightin over the phone. Now his he parents r tryin to brainwash him. he again called for break up.. He feels I won change by controlling anger and my attitude towards him. I love him too the core!! My parents r lookin for a guy for me n my guy s not wit me.. Plz suggest me how to get my guy back and how to stop my parents from searchin a guy for me!! I really can't tell u the whole story but my story s really complicated!! Plz contact me.. I really need ur help..


ananda : (Feb 9, 2015 2:14 PM)

Pls contact me ..its my sincere request


ananda : (Feb 9, 2015 11:04 AM)

Hai sir, actually nanu ondu hudgina thumba ishta pattette. Avara face sketh madi ondu ratri class adamele avarige kottu horatuhode.avaru nanna mukha kuda sariyagi nodiralilla anele swalpa dinagala nantara avare nannannu kandauhididu mathadisidru. A dina nan thumba santhosha patte. A dinane nanu innobba hudugana jothe commit agiddini antha helidru. Nanu kuda avaga sari hagadre friends age irona andidde .after that our relationship was really nice. I used msg her daily. Even she used to call me often I I was very happy. But one day I couldnot controle my feelings. I just messaged her that I like u so much and am going out of control.then she replied saying it is just infatuation and am just ur friend . After that I called her to tell that am going stay as ur friend. But she didnt listen to me at that time.she was upset about the way I felt. Ii cried so much on that day becoz I made her feel bad by telling my feelings. So matte ellanu normal madbeku anta thilkondu next day avarige call madi adella tamashege madiddu anta sullu helide adre avarige adarinda thumba kopa bandu this is how u treat friends antha heli innu munde call madbeda hage msg kuda madbada anta helidru. After that every moment am crying. I am getting huge pain in my stomoch and chest. Eventhough I asked her sorry am not getting any reply. I really need ur help I feel like dieing every moment not able to concentrate any of sudies . Actually she is not kannada girl. She knows hindi and english. But I don know hindi. This language barrier also given some problem. Becoz was not able to express everything in english. Pls help to get her forgiveness. Only one reply from her is more than enough for me. Atleast I can come out of that guilty feeling. Pls help me .am feeling like hell.


: (Feb 7, 2015 12:22 PM)

hi love guru nanu thumba chanagi love story barithi plZ nim program nalli ply madi


johnson : (Jan 30, 2015 1:48 AM)

love guru nan name johnson antha nanu banglore nalli odbekadre nnu 7th nalli ondu hudgeena preethsidde avla hesru sowmya antha nanu avlna tumba hachkondidde adu agiddu 2007 ralli adu admele nanu oorige hode adu admele nangu avligu connection irlilla adu admele nanu septemberge avla hatra mathe mathadde avlu mathe love madodakke okondlu nanu oorige hogidfda gyapalli onduhudgeena love made but avlu puc nalli fail agiddakke sucide madkondlu nanu avla hatra ella helideeni but avlu starting chennagi mathadi eega nanna avoid madtha idale nange avla bittu iro shakthi nange kone bharavase neeve love guru illandre nanu saytheeni pls love guru plspls pls pls pls



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