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Brief Biography
Anthony Ray aka Sir Mix-a-Lot, is a Grammy Award-winning rapper and producer from Seattle, Washington. Sir Mix-a-Lot's first break came in 1986 when a demo tape of "Square Dance Rap" started getting airplay on UK radio and Sir Mix-a-Lot became a part of the line-up in the UK Fresh concert at Wembley Arena with some of the finest names in the current hip hop scenario. His first hit in 1988, was the single "Posse on Broadway", giving some the impression that he was a New Yorker, when the reference was actually to the street of the same name on Seattle's Capitol Hill. His other popular hits include "Buttermilk Biscuits" (1988), "Square Dance Rap" (1988), "Beepers" (1989), "My Hooptie" (1990), a song about a car in disrepair and "Jump On It" (1996). Sir Mix-a-Lot is known to write, arrange, program, perform, and produce his own music. His best-known song is the Miami Bass styled song "Baby Got Back" (1992), a #1 hit that won him fame and the 1993 Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance. In 1993 Sir Mix-A-Lot collaborated with a Seattle based grunge/rock group Mudhoney for the song 'Freak Momma' on the Judgment Night soundtrack. For almost three years Sir Mix-a-Lot worked closely with another group, The Presidents of the United States of America under the group name "Subset" in a combination of rock and rap music. Sir Mix-a-Lot was last seen in 2007 in Nas’ track, “Where Are They Now” (West Coast Remix) featuring Sir Mix-A-Lot with artistes like Breeze, King Tee, Kam, Candyman, Threat, Ice-T and the Conscious Daughters.

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Mack Daddy
Chief Boot Knocka
Return of the Bumpasaurus
Daddy's Home
Grammy Award
Best Rap Solo Performance
His height is 5'11" (1.80 m).
He is a Hip-hop MC and actor.
His music video for the early 1990s and the #1 hit "Baby Got Back" was actually one of the first music videos to get banned by MTV for its gratuitous depiction of a female backside. MTV had relegated it to a late-night viewing.