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Brief Biography

One of the biggest success stories in African Music, Kofi was born to a Congolese father and a west African mother in a family that treasured education. He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and masters in Mathematics from the University of Paris. He was very fond of music and learnt guitar that he borrowed from a neighbor. He started his career as a songwriter and many of the famous musicians such as Viva la Musica of Papa Wemba and Zaïko Langa Langa took his lyrics. His debut title Onia got him recognition and in 1977, he produced the records Asso and Princesse ya Senza in Vévé's studio, Kasa-vubu-Kinshasa.

In the late 1970s he joined Papa Wemba's band Viva La Musica and went solo in the mid 80s.Kofi’s songs encompass a large range of topics – from love, politics, mystical beasts, fantasies , technology and religion to famous world personalities. Though very popular in Zaire, Kofi attained popularity all over Africa in the 1990s. His deep baritone voice and music that blends old school rumba and smooth keyboard melodies and guitar climaxes is tremendously popular throughout the African continent.

Though he is dogged by controversy and some of his albums are banned in Mali and Cameroon, Kofi has continued to release one hit after the next while being faithful to his self proclaimed Tcha Tcho style. Tcha Tcho is a slower, more sensuous kind of Soukous. In 1995 Kofi released his most successful album, V12. The following year Kofi collaborated with one of his mentors Papa Wemba to produce the album Wake Up .His next album La Loi became controversial because many believed it is a veiled criticism of the Kabila regime. In 1998 Koffi collaborated with Bana Ok legend, Josky Kiambukuta to produce the album Ngounda .Towards the late nineties, Kofi changed to the more vigorous and danceable "Ndombolo" dance style which has taken the continent by storm and he is now referred to as the King of "Ndombolo ".

At the Kora Awards of 2002, he won a record four awards, including one for Best African Artist. Koffi has dubbed himself "Quadra Kora Man," in reference to the four awards he won.

Debut Year


Affaire D'etat
Sonodisc / 2003
Best Of
Sonodisc / 2002
Sonodisc / 2001
Live a Bercy Sonodisc / 2000
Force De Frappe
Sonodisc / 2000
Attentat Sonodisc / 1999
Droit De Veto
Sonodisc / 1999
Live a L'Olympia Sonodisc / 1998
Sonodisc / 1997
Sonodisc / 1995
Sonodisc / 1994
Noblesse Oblige
Sonodisc / 1993
Pas De Faux Pas
Sonodisc / 1992
Koweit, Rive Gauche Sonodisc / 1992
Golden Star Sonodisc / 1991
Diva Sonodisc / 1991
Les Prisoners Dorment Sonodisc / 1990
Tcho Tcho Stern's Africa / 1990