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Brief Biography
One of the pioneers of the musical form of Tappa in the musical culture of Bengal, Nidhu Babu was taught Tappa by some teachers who learned the new art directly from Ghulam Nabi's school.
It is worth mentioning that the experiments tried out using the new musical form of Hindustani classical music by Nidhu Babu turned out to be very effective whereby he succeeded in creating a different trend of Bangla art songs by introducing the themes of human emotion, particularly of love between man and woman.
Having taken up the theme of physical love, he used a human theme for his
Tappa, Nidhu Babu avoiding any symbolism which was his pioneering contribution in the field of Bangla songs. Thereby Thus, by the end of the 18th century, the musical creativity of Bengal was created by the end of the 18th century which seemed to flourish in two major trends: one being the humanist trend as witnessed in the love songs of Nidhu Babu and the other one being the devotional trend as showcased  from Charya songs on the Vaishnavite musical compositions.
Thus Bangla songs got liberated from the limitations of sectarianism and imbibed them with the spirit of love through the effort of Nidhu Babu. Thereby he was considered as not only the founder of tappa in Bengali music, but even the foremost and basic stimulating force of modern Bangla art songs for which he had contributed his might. Hardly few practitioners of music could hide themselves from the spreading influence of Nidhu Babu till the end of the 19th century.
Hence forth Nidhu Babu was well renowned for having begun a golden age of communication between the conventional ties of Hindustani classical music and the musical achievements of Bengal from the closing years of the 18th century to the early decades of the 19th century.

o Music composer Nidhu Babu worked as a clerk in the office of the Chhapra Collectorate in his early days whereby he left his job in Chhapra in 1794 and returned to Calcutta with a savings of ten thousand rupees to pursue his love for music.

o It is of great pride that it was music composer Nidhu Babu’s peer, Ghulam Nabi of Lucknow who introduced the musical form of Tappa into Hindustani classical music, which inspired Nidhu Babu to do the same in Bengali music