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Brief Biography

Singer, songwriter, DJ and photographer, Moby is best known for his electronic dance music experiments.


In 1983, after graduating from high school, Moby attended the University of Connecticut, as a student of philosophy.


The musician started off his career in music during his mid-teens as a member of a punk rock band called Vatican Commandos. He released an EP Hit Squad for God with the band.
Moby has worked at a record store and also played in local bands like Caeli Soul and Gin Train, while he also served as a DJ at local clubs.


It was in 1989 that Moby moved to New York City and was signed on by Instinct Records. He released his first single, ‘Mobility’ in 1990. It was his second single, ‘Go’ that shot Moby to fame. The song became a Top 10 hit in the United Kingdom, making him a key figure in the electronic and dance music scene.


The musician released his first full-length techno album, Everything is Wrong in 1995. This was followed up with a punk rock album, Animal Rights in 1999, and in 1997 with I Like to Score.


His 1999 album Play went on to garner immense acclaim. The singles ‘Natural Blues’ and ‘Porcelain’, went on to sell 9 million copies worldwide.


Moby’s next album 18 sold over 4 million copies across the world. He has released several albums Hotel (2005), Last Night (2008), Wait For Me (2009) and Destroyed (2011). His latest album Innocents is slated for an October 2013 release.


Moby has also collaborated with Lou Reed, Kris Kristofferson, David Bowie, Bono and Michael Stipe amongst others.

Debut Year



1992: Moby
1993: Ambient
1995: Everything Is Wrong
1996: Animal Rights
1999: Play
2002: 18
2005: Hotel
2008: Last Night
2009: Wait for Me
2011: Destroyed
2013: Innocents


2000: VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards, MTV Europe Music (Best Video-Natural Blues)
2001: MTV Video Music Awards (Best Male Video - Natural Blues)
2001: IFPI Platinum Europe Awards (Album Title- Play)
2001: NME Awards (Best Live- Play)
2001: Q Awards (Best Producer)
2002: Q Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, BMI Pop Songs Awards, IFPI Platinum, BMI Film & TV Awards, MTV Europe Music, Billboard Music Awards
2003: IFPI Platinum Europe Awards (Album Title- 18)


Born Richard Melville Hall, he was nicknamed Moby partly after the novel Moby-Dick, which was written by his great-great-great-great uncle Herman Melville.

The musician has sold over 20 million albums worldwide.

Moby has performed two duets with the French singer Mylene Farmer and also produced seven songs on her album, Bleu Noir in 2010.

The singer co-owned a restaurant and tea shop called Teany, where he also would wait tables at times.

He has confessed that at the age of 19, he experimented with drugs and has suffered from panic attacks.

In 2011, Moby released a photography book entitled Destroyed that features the artist's images from international tours.