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Brief Biography

Known as the ‘Kollongparia Geetikaar’, Rudra Baruah owns the prestige of being renowned and remembered for the labour he has taken to preserve the culture of Assam who is indeed a multifaceted personality in being a musician, writer, actor and above all a great singer indeed. Owing to the death of his father just when he was nine years old, Rudra Baruah could not excel in his academic life as he was thereby struck by financial hardship which led him to write songs quite early in life as he was only in the eighth standard.
The opportunity taken up by him to perform at almost all the functions organised in Nagaon renowned him with popularity wherein the local Amolapatty Natya Mandir which very well bent itself to provide a prestigious platform for showcasing skills of cultural excellence was rightly used by Rudra who felt it as a very sheltered area just like a home for displaying his talents.
This apart one also witnessed the participation of Rudra in a number of dramas, Bhoanas and dance dramas apart from going to far off places of the country for participating in various festivals thus proving himself to be a very active member and grassroots worker of Shillong Kola Porishad. Thereafter he got involved in enriching the cache trove of Assamese music as he got the chance to deliberate wholeheartedly on the same after joining the Cultural Department wherein he also continued acting in Assamese films and dramas apart from singing and writing songs. Rudra owns the pride of having rendered some of the finest offerings in the field of Assamese music in that his songs centre around the innocence of the rural populace and their humble lifestyle.


Poka Dhanor Maje Maje
Kauri Pore
Kasot kolochi haali jaali koon menoka aahe Awards
‘Luit Konwar’ in honour of the sterling work for the development of music and cinema in Assam