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Brief Biography
Pandit Ram Narayan is considered to be one of the most distinguished sarangi players of today. His unique style of musical articulation has altered the role of the sarangi forever, from that of an accompanying instrument to a full grown solo instrument. He is the brother of Tabla maestro, Pt. Chatur Lal.

Beginning at the age of seven, he received formal Sarangi training from several masters - Ustad Mehboob Khan, Pandit Udayalal, Pandit Madhav Prasad and Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan. By the age of 14 he was a staff member of AIR, Lahore. After Independence, he moved to AIR, Delhi.

Pt Ram Narayan was a marvellous accompanist and was the preferred choice of many great vocalists of the time. He decided to go solo, to showcase the enormous potential of the instrument. In 1949 he moved to Bombay and began working for the film industry, which was the mainstay of his income.

He made numerous alterations to the structure of Sarangi, its bow, bowing and fingering techniques all of which have become the standard today.

Ustad Mehboob Khan, Pandit Udayalal, Pandit Madhav Prasad, Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan

Spouse and Children
Daughter - Aruna


o Shankara (with daughter Aruna)
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o His son, Brij Narayan has adopted the sarod, while his daughter, Aruna plays the sarangi like him.
o He is popular for being “the voice of a hundred singing colors’.