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Binaca Geetmala
Binaca Geetmala was the first radio show broadcasted in 1952 on Radio Ceylon. From then on, it was a weekly programme airing on Wednesdays, from 8 to 9 p.m.Binaca Geetmala used to be hosted by Ameen Sayani. He, not only used to present the programme but also write, produce the weekly show featuring 7 contemporary songs. Listeners were offered Rs. 100 as prize money to sequence them on basis of popularity. In 1954, Geetmala became a countdown show. Later the name was changed to Cibaca Sangeetmala, when the creators of the show wanted to air it on Vividh Bharati too. Thus, the show was broadcasted on two stations - Cibaca Geetmala on Radio Ceylon, and as Cibaca Sangeetmala on Vividh Bharati. The show was later discontinued on Radio Ceylon. However it continued to air on Vividh Bharati as Cibaca Geetmala.

On would have heard the best of music on Binaca Geetmala. The late 50s and 60s, were considered to be the golden period of Hindi film music. For 39 years Binaca Geetmala ruled the radio airwaves. After which satellite television came to India, and countdown shows were relayed on TV. Binaca Geetmala continued to air till 1994, post which the failing popularity of radio caused it to end after a run of 42 years.

Major Artists
Mohammed Rafi,Kishore Kumar Ganguly ,Manna Dey,Talat Mehmood ,Hemant Kumar,Noorjehan ,Suraiya,Rajkumari,Shamshad Begum,Amirbai Karnataki ,Geeta Roy ,Lata Mangeshkar

Film music

•    An effort was made to revive the Binaca Geetmala show in the early 2000s as Colgate Cibaca Geetmala over the National Network of Vividh Bharati, but this endevour survived only till August 2003.

•    In 2002 at the ABBY Awards, the Binaca Geetmala show was named as the most successful radio campaign of the century