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Brief Biography
Not a band per se, Buena Vista Social Club is more a music act that originated through the efforts of American guitarist Ry Cooder. Cooder traveled to Cuba and recruited long forgotten musicians who lost their careers with the rise of Fidel Castro in Cuba. The project was an unexpected commercial and critical hit with their self-titled 1997 album selling more than five million copies and winning a Grammy award in 1998. The group went on to perform at concert in Amsterdam and different parts of USA. Many members have subsequently released individual albums riding on the success on Buena Vista Social Club.

Studio Albums

§ Buena Vista Social Club: 1997

· German director Wim Wenders produced a documentary about the group called Buena Vista Social Club; the movie received an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary feature and won Best Documentary at the European Film Awards.
· In 2003 the album Buena Vista Social Club was listed by Rolling Stone magazine as #260 in The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.
· The Buena Vista Social Club was a black members-only club that actually existed in Havana (Cuba).
· Ry Cooder was prosecuted and fined $25,000 by the US Government for his work on the Buena Vista Social Club, having violated the Trading with the Enemy Act, a clause that forms part of the ongoing United States trade embargo against Cuba.